Google 360 Virtual Tour

Google Street View Trusted is a new and exciting way to showcase your business online and enhance your Google+ Listing. With just a click of the mouse you can invite customers inside with a 360-degree virtual tour of your business on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. Independent studies have shown that not only does Google Street View boost your online presence, it also increases footfall to your business, which means more people coming to you.

How It Works

Google Street View Trusted for Business works in a similar way to Google Street View, enabling your customers to step inside your business 24 hours a day 365 days of the year! By signing up to this opportunity you can invite your customers to come and have a look around your premises in the comfort of their own home. Visitors to the area that use the powerful Google Maps tool on their mobile device can not only see where you are located but also what you look like inside and what you have to offer. Once we have completed the tour of your business you are free to embed the Google Street View Virtual Tour into your own website or social media site such as Facebook giving you even more scope for engaging with your customers online.

  • Step 1 • Consultation and Planning

    Our team will arrange an initial consultation session with you to agree the finer details of the shoot - suitable date for the shoot, approximate number of panoramas/areas, costs and other criteria.


    The Sales Order Form must be filled out in order to determine the positions and areas for photo shoot. For Hotels and/or Resorts, an Information Sheet should also be filled up to determine the positions and areas that may be photographed.

    The positions depend on the area to be photo-shot based on the ocular inspection of the Project Coordinator and/or the Trusted Photographer.

    To speed things up and ensure we are good to go!

  • Step 2 • Photo Shoot

    On the agreed date, we will visit to perform the shoot. Payment is also required once the shoot is completed.

    Taking the Photos

    The photos are taken by the Trusted Google Photographer through 360 Tour Philippines, and no one else.

    1. The photos are taken per position in an area.
    2. Initial positions consist of 3 positions:
      (a) the 1st photo is taken about 10 feet from the street towards the entrance of the business, or in as many reasonable positions in order to connect to the street;
      (b) the 2nd (or succeeding) position/s is taken about 4 feet before the entrance or door of the business;
      (c) the 3rd (and succeeding) positions is taken about 4 feet after the entrance or door inside the business.
    3. The rest of the positions taken within the business are measured between 4 to 15 feet apart or as long as the positions and sides can be connected to each other in order to perfect a 360 degree view.
    4. For hotels and/or resorts, Google requires all areas to be photo-shot as it does not want to be held liable for customer complaints on areas that are not included. This may also affect the Ranking of that business, which is the reason why all areas of the hotels and/or resorts need to be shot.
    5. In case there are locations where Street View is not accessible or available, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions are still being applied per Google Guidelines.
    6. The photos are taken on pathways or specific areas to give the customer a complete virtual tour experience as if he/she is in the business and walking within and around the area.
  • Step 3 • Post-production

    The photos will be moderated by a specific team and upload it onto Google. Faces, number plates and any other person identifications will be blurred. The tour is then integrated into Google maps for Google Quality check team to give a final approval once done.

    All photos taken would be stitched and uploaded in Google to have that 360˚ view and tour of the business per area.

  • Step 4 • Publish

    Your virtual tour is then published live and will appear in Google business listings, Google Maps, and Google's business place page.

    We will supply all your high-resolution photos that you can use on your marketing materials.

    Photo Editing

    The photos taken will not be edited, enhanced, or Photoshopped by 360 Tour Philippines for purposes of transparency, and to avoid misleading photos or other misrepresentations from other sources.

  • Step 5 • Follow-up Support

    We will work with you and your team to identify opportunities to promote your virtual tour more effectively. For example embedding the tour in your website, social media channels like Facebook.